As a follow up to my review of the Mi 9, I am going to buy one for myself. To be honest, I am not sure what the Mi 9’s unique selling point is. It has big bezels and it looks like the next generation of phones. But if you really want to get a true sense of the device, then let me help you out by explaining all the apps that come preinstalled on the phone and which ones you should really try out.

Let me begin by sharing something that might surprise you. The Mi 9 has over 500 apps installed! These apps are not all about the camera, music, or games. Some of them (like immeasurable) are useful tools for common problems, like heating problems. Some others (like cooking apps) provide unique solutions to common problems.

I am going to share with you the most common problems associated with this power smartphone. In no particular order, here they are: connectivity issues, poor display quality, poor sound quality, slow performance, camera problems, slow boot time, poor battery life, poor display, and poor health and fitness. If any of these things apply to you, then I would say you should take advantage of the Mi 9 Power. There are many reasons why these common problems occur. All you have to do is fix them, and that’s about it.

Let’s discuss one of the most common problems first, which is connectivity. One of the biggest complaints against smartphones is that they don’t always support all the networks in a country. In the case of the Mi 9, there is no network that supports the cellular airwaves of China. So, if you happen to be somewhere in Asia and you use this smartphone, then expect problems. Fortunately, there are easy ways around this problem. Mi 9 Power

One of the biggest issues people face with smartphones is battery life. The Mi 9 Power has one of the shortest battery life periods I’ve ever experienced. My review unit lasted just two hours and fifteen minutes on the phone, which is actually good considering the device’s capabilities. However, if you are using the phone for a lot of typing or long web browsing, then expect to lose several hours of battery every day.

These are the two biggest problems that I faced with the Mi 9 Power. Like I said earlier, there are some simple ways around these common problems. All you have to do is use an official Mi 9 repair guide or download a program that can help you fix the problems mentioned in this article.