Only a year ago, I attended a seminar about “modern online marketing” and promotion. It really was an extraordinary experience. The ultimate topic was “creating backlinks”. The first speaker began by explaining the terms “backlink” and “building backlinks”. He then continued to talk about other topics, which we were supposed to learn about during that week. However, he said that he would tell us more about the magical backlinks and how they bring in success. I was eager to learn more about it, and the very next morning, when class started, we commenced with creating backlinks. I remember that the speaker repeated the phrase “building backlinks” the whole time. Before he finished his speech, he asked us what we knew about edu backlinks.

It looked like no one knew anything about it. Then, on our lunch break, I asked my friend to join me at the library. Maybe there we could read up on something regarding backlinks. The fact was, we did not find anything about this topic and all we could do was rely on the lector’s information. The second day of the seminar was led by a different speaker. He wanted us to explain, in our own words, what exactly we understood under the phrase “building backlinks”. Every one of us had various ideas, all of which he accepted. He too, before ending, asked what we thought about backlinks, but of course, no one came up with an answer. Since we did not have books to do some research, nor internet access, he confirmed that we would be taught about this topic.

On the third day, our speaker was a lady. She kept talking to us about “how powerful edu backlinks were”. She also told us that they are created manually and without the use of any software. This made me even more excited and I wanted to learn everything I could about this topic. The same afternoon we had to group up and make a report on what exactly we had learned during the past three days. Oh, there was so much to say about creating backlinks; but time was limited and we needed to be as brief as possible. The best parts of the whole seminar were the practical lessons. They taught us how backlinks actually act and how they finally improved search engine rankings. One week simply was not enough to learn everything and therefore they gave us research books that were meant to answer all open questions. 구글광고대행

Today, I am building backlinks for companies, but I can still recall that my career started with a seminar. I believe that these important things should be taught in college and hope that the subject will be included into the syllabus soon. I am looking forward to sharing my gained knowledge with students who decide to build success in this marketing area. This is why I am anticipating a syllabus to be formed, because this way I could start offering courses. Marketing is a simple and fun business, where you can see great results instantly. In this country, only a few companies know the successful secret of internet marketing, however they may wind up losing it soon because pretty fast competitors will obtain the knowledge to steal this fame. My wish is to aid many business people to promote their products on the net, so they can reach the entire globe.