How to get 100+ Twitter Followers Per Day without any software and codes that can get you banned on Twitter? How to grow a huge Twitter network and increase your network and increase the number of your potential buyers and visitors of your advertising links? It’s quite simple, proven and effective.

In this post I want to show the simple method how to use few #hashtags and manually get more than a hundred Twitter followers per day. I use this method myself and below is a proof that it works. And this method will not get you banned on Twitter if you won’t abuse it.

5 simple and short tips to get 100+Twitter Followers per day buy twitter followers uk

  1. Follow those who’ll follow you back
  2. Use #hashtags to find those people. Try #teamfollowback, #followback, #500aday and similar hashtags
  3. Automatically follow back those who follow you and put some hastags from above in your Twitter bio
  4. Don’t follow to much people in one day. If you’ll follow too much people, Twitter will notice the change and you could get a ban!
  5. Thank your new friends with a #shoutout or direct message. Try to actually connect with them. They can share your profile with their network.


So these are my five short tips to grow your network with the #hastags method, by following those who will follow you back. And now, let’s say a little more about this method.

Follow 100 users who will auto follow you back
Search for users who will automatically follow you back. Use the Twitter search and search for the hashtags like #teamfollowback or #followback and you’ll find those users. Click on each of them to see if they’re really following back (see the ratio of followers and friends). Follow these users and they’ll follow you back in minutes. If you spend 3 seconds for each user you’ll spend 5 minutes to follow 100 users. So by using this method, you’ll get 100 followers in 5 minutes!

Auto follow back and build a machine
Auto follow back, put a hashtag like #teamfollowback in your Twitter bio and you’ll build a machine that will work for you! With this method you’ll leave the major part of the work to hashtags and you’ll just observe your numbers growing. Twitter users will follow your because you’ll follow them back and you will be a part of #teamfollowback. By auto following users you don’t need to manually follow those who follow you and you’ll see that by using this method, the number of your Twitter followers will increase really fast! To set up auto follow, go to the application called Socialoomph. Socialoomph is an application where you can turn on auto following, set up your auto PM messages, vet your network etc. It’s a must-use application..

Don’t abuse the system and stay cool
Don’t follow too many users per day, this could get you banned on Twitter. And what’s the most important thing – don’t become a SPAM profile! Use this method to grow your network but don’t forget to actually tweet something interesting and useful so you’ll be interesting Twitter users and others will actually d your tweets and click on your links. Grow your network but don’t forget to start gaining trust and respect with your tweets! This is the main key to a successful affiliate marketing and a strong network on Twitter!